Some super adorable shirt designs to give you a place to start. No matter your sorority, we customize all designs so it’s something you and your sisters wear until it wears out.

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  • Galaxy Sisters

  • Pop Sensation

  • Biker Girl

  • Cloud Nine

  • Bright Bid

  • Lightning Stars Bid

  • Floyd Bid

  • Perfect Palm Bid

  • Cosmic Bid Day

  • Drippy Smile

  • Chosen One

  • Head in the Clouds

  • Head in the Stars

  • Colorful

  • Sunny Days

  • Slant Staple

  • Neon Lightning Bid

  • Cosmic Script Pink

  • Bid Day Bee

  • Outer Spacey

  • Over The Rainbow

  • Takeoff

  • Space Cowgirls

  • Peachy Rainbow

  • See The Future Black

  • Roundy Rainbow Bid

  • White Carnations

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